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Following the Leadership of The Holy Spirit – 1

Following the Leadership of the Holy Spirit: Part 1

Understanding how to follow the leadership or leading of the Holy Spirit is an issue many Christians desire to understand in greater detail. There are a number of reasons why it is extremely important for believers to understand how the Holy Spirit leads.

How to get the Help of God

How to get the Help of God

There are times when one may face a challenge that seems insurmountable. The challenge simply stares you in the face and refuses to bulge. This is usually a solemn time; a time at which it is quite easy to lose hope and surrender to the turbulent storms of life, waiting for the end. Or you could turn your eyes to the Lord!

The Meaning and Power of Worship

The Meaning and Power of Worship

Worship seems to mean different things to different people. For some, it means attending a church service, the act of paying reverence to a deity or the simple act of singing. These definitions, though commonly used today leave much unanswered regarding what worship is and the power it makes available to the true worshiper.

Use Me Oh Lord!

Use me oh Lord

We understand from scripture that every man and woman was created to fulfill a specific purpose on earth. It’s every man’s responsibility to discover and fulfill that purpose while on earth.

Trust In The Lord

Trust in the Lord

Different theorists have different explanations as to why the world is in economic recession. What we do know is that no nation, family or person is immune, except those that will put their trust in God. Lets take a look at the difference between a man that trusts in God and the man that trusts in his fellow man or in what he has; especially in an economic recession.

God is in Control

God is in Control

As human beings, we naturally desire to be in control of all facets of our lives. We also tend to worry when we don’t have all the facts needed to know the direction in which our lives are going. As a result, we may enter into worry, anxiety and even a fear of the future. However, this is contrary to how the Lord works because he works with men on the basis of faith in His Word.

Fear Not!

Fear not!

Have you ever thought about what being in the very presence of God would be like? Standing in the Courts of Heaven with the hosts and angels of glory, beholding the beauty, majesty and splendor of God Almighty. Imagine for a moment if we could carry that same presence with us every day of our lives as we go about our daily business. That would definitely be something wonderful indeed!

Debtors to the Spirit or to the Flesh

Debtors to the Spirit or to the Flesh

Many times in life, we come face to face with challenges that seem impossible. These situations make it seem like the only way out is to take the back door; to lie, cheat or steal. Sometimes, even doing nothing may be as bad a doing the wrong thing.

How to receive Divine Healing

How to receive Divine Healing

We know that healing is available for anyone who will approach the Lord for it. We also know that Salvation provides life for man’s spirit and healing for his physical body. We are however faced with the pertinent question of how we can receive divine healing.

Is Healing available for everyone?

Is healing available for everyone?

Health is one of the most priceless assets a man can have. Men would gladly relinquish untold amounts of money just to keep their physical, mental and spiritual health intact. The notion therefore that there is a possibility that healing could be available to anyone who desires it from God sounds absurd and brings to question the reason why millions die every year from sicknesses and diseases.